Dear Colleague,

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian and refugee emergency resulting from the war we would like to invite you to participate in an effort to set up a coordinated response network in the UK.

We are a group of academics, students, and civil society organizations based at several UK Universities and in four UK cities and we are setting up a “Ukraine Hub UK” network that will seek to coordinate expertise and action among scholars and students based at UK HEIs and between ourselves and community stakeholders, NGOs, practitioners, and Policy makers/government in the UK.

We are working as team to set up four “task force” groups at this time and setting up a Ukrainian Yellow Pages by region in the UK.

  • HEI Sector Scholars and Students at Risk Support Task Force
  • Academic and Policy Expert Task Force
  • University Student Task Force
  • Ukrainian Organizations Based in UK Task Force

If you or your organization would like to be part of one or several of these task force groups. Please fill in this form.

If you are interested in joining our effort you will receive an invitation to attend a coordinating meeting. 

Please feel free to share this call with others that might be interested in supporting or being part of our effort. 

Thank you kindly, 

“Ukraine Hub UK” network initial coordinating team

  • Vlad Zubok 
  • Vera Tolz-Zilitinkevic 
  • Uta Staiger
  • Tomila Lankina 
  • Samuel Greene 
  • Roy Allison 
  • Rory Finnin 
  • Robert Ford 
  • Paul Chaisty 
  • Orysia Lutsevych 
  • Olga Onuch 
  • Olesya Khromeychuk 
  • Matthias Neumann 
  • Larissa Fast 
  • Kristin Bakke 
  • Katerina Tertytchnaya 
  • Kataryna Wolczuk 
  • Jane Green 
  • Gulnaz Sharafutdinova 
  • Ellie Knott 
  • Elena Korosteleva 
  • Elena Barabantseva 
  • Claire Gordon 
  • Blacker Uilleam 
  • Ben Noble 
  • Ben Ansell 
  • Aoileann Ní Mhurchú 
  • Students at the University of Oxford 
  • Students at the University of Manchester 
  • Students at the LSE

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