• To feed-in to academic and expert groups and work with Ukrainian student associations on supporting Ukrainian displaced people and lobby policy makers.
  • Help disseminate information about the visa and sponsorship schemes and other support available throughout the UK and Ukrainian communities.
  • Work with policy makers and relevant Refugee organizations in the UK.

Organizations include:

Acceptus.org.uk; how2uk.org
Association of Ukrainian in Great Britain
Association of Ukrainian in Great Britain Coventry
Association of Ukrainian Teachers
Association of Ukrainian Women in Great Britain
Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain Derby
Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain London Branch
Bradford Ukrainian Club
British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
British Ukrainian City Club
British Ukrainian Society
British-Ukrainian Aid
Cambridge For Ukraine
Coventry Ukrainian Community
CUUS,  Cambridge4Ukraine
Derbyshire Ukrainian Community
EBRD and United for Ukraine
Edinburgh Ukrainian Club
Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom
EuroMaidan London
EuroMaidan London
Halifax Ukrainian Club
Huddersfield Ukrainian Club
Leeds Ukrainian Community Centre
Oxford University Ukrainian Society
PLAST GB Ukrainian Scouting Organisation in Great Britain
Rochdale Ukrainian Club
St Mary’s Ukrainian school in London
Support Ukraine Coordination hub in Holland Park
The Ukrainian Club
Trustee on a housing committee in Surrey
UCL Ukrainian society
Ukraine Charity, London
Ukraine Hub UK Expert/Scholar Task Force
Ukrainian Appeal Initiative 
Ukrainian Cathedral Choir ‘Promin Nadii’, London 
Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, London 
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London
Ukrainian Centre in Ashton
Ukrainian Club ‘Karpaty’, London
Ukrainian Country Social Club “Hospoda”, Weston-upon-Trent
Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Manchester
Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Nottingham
Ukrainian Institute in London
Ukrainian Institute in London
Ukrainian London
Ukrainian Youth Association CYM Manchester Branch GB
Ukrainian Youth Association London (SUM)
Ukrainians in Leeds
Uni of Kent in Canterbury Ukraine group
Universiy of Manchester
UYA (CYM) GB – National Exec. Committee / Coventry Ukrainian Community – Association of Ukrainian in Great Britain Local Branch / Cov Kozaks – British Ukrainian Band
Voice of Ukraine Wales
Weybridge Friends of Ukraine,
Сambridge University Ukrainian Society

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